How Plexus can Help during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding


There are so many great mothers out there who want to go the extra mile to make sure their babies have the best of health, both during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is important for parents to do their research, since there are so many options out there and everyone has a different opinion on what “you” should do for your kids. This article will try to combine lots of the Q & A we’ve received on the subject of “Pregnancy & Breastfeeding while on Plexus” into one article for all the mamas out there.
Let’s begin with a few of the health benefits that come from Plexus products, which are beneficial to both mom and baby.

First off, the most important of these is improved gut health and less fungus/candida in the body. This is going to vital for both mother and baby.
Let’s talk about baby first. As the baby passes through the birth canal during delivery, they pick up your bacteria, whether good or bad. If you are struggling with a yeast/fungus/candida overgrowth at the time of birth, then you pass that onto your baby from the first moment. Who hasn’t had a round of antibiotics in their lifetime, killing off all the good and bad candida, leaving our guts prone to candida overgrowth? We as a western culture don’t help the situation with our diets filled with simple carbohydrates and sugars either. There is much to be said on this topic, enough to fill a book.
The documentary “Micro Birth” is a great resource on this topic to help women gain a better understanding of how long-lasting the effects of passing on yeast/fungus/candida to your baby at birth can be. Now on to mama, did you know a woman is much more likely to have a yeast/fungus/candida overgrowth once she becomes pregnant? Many of us can testify to this; some ladies get the first yeast infection of their life once they became pregnant. This is due to hormonal shifts happening in the body, that make it easier for yeast to thrive. Even something like heartburn, which is also much more likely to happen to a woman when she’s pregnant is a direct result and symptom of fungus overgrowth.
Heartburn does not mean that you have too much acid in your stomach; it means that yeast/fungus/candida has weakened the esophageal sphincter which is the flap or valve that is supposed to keep the acids in your stomach. This is why you see babies with “reflux” struggle so much with conventional ways of “fixing it.” Unless you get to the root of the problem it will continue to be an issue. Let’s not forget that at least 80% of our immune system is in the gut. If you have not yet read why Probio5 is such an effective probiotic at killing off candida, then take a moment to read through the article on that. There are so many things that could be said on gut health for both mama and baby that we will save for another article sometime.

Secondly, lets discuss the need for balanced hormones. Ask any husband, he knows it’s true! Did you know that the number one way to balance your hormones is to first balance your blood sugar levels, which helps the endocrine system balance out our insulin? Having balanced hormones will give us much more bearable and healthy pregnancies and breastfeeding. It will also increase fertility (read the testimonies of ladies who tried for over 5+ years to get pregnant before Plexus came along), help prevent miscarriages, and help prevent postpartum depression.
Balanced hormones (along with lower insulin and better insulin sensitivity) also really impact milk supply. If you happen to be one those mamas that tried everything to increase milk production while breastfeeding your baby, and just couldn’t seem to get your milk supply up, then there is a good chance you were experiencing a hormone imbalance that was very specifically tied to “insulin resistance”. Studies show that insufficient milk supply is strongly linked to insulin resistance. There are even medical doctors who have considered using diabetic drugs (blood sugar control) to help mothers increase milk supply. It is crucial to bring down your blood sugar levels daily, and get your hormones balanced again. Plexus Slim was designed to balance blood sugars, thus we are seeing amazing results with moms who take it while pregnant and breastfeeding. Many mothers have reported better milk supply while on Plexus then they ever thought was possible. (It is important to ask your midwife or care provider before starting any new supplement while pregnant or nursing.)

Thirdly, let’s address having less toxicity for mom and baby. Babies are born with many of our toxins/chemicals circulating in their blood; in fact, testing newborns cord blood shows staggering amounts of chemicals already present, that we mothers have unwillingly passed on. There are 4 ways our bodies get rid of toxins. #1. Defecation, #2. Urination, #3. Perspiration, and #4. Respiration. In plain English, the number one way our body gets rid of toxins is through regular bowel movements, next through urinating, then through the skin/sweating, and lastly through our breath. If you are constipated, then you just eliminated your body’s number one way of releasing toxins. That’s a big problem, especially with baby on board. In my (Sarah Jones’) midwife practice, constipation seems to be a huge issue many pregnant women deal with. The good news is if you are taking bio cleanse and Probio5 at the proper doses for your body, then constipation is a thing of the past. You need to be having one bowel movement for every meal you eat, so roughly three per day. You will be amazed at how great you feel when your body is not storing up all those toxins in the bowel!

The three topics we just touched on are all health benefits that Plexus TriPlex provides. The TriPlex is all about gut health, reduced blood sugar levels, which in turn also balances hormones, cholesterol, and blood pressure, and of course less toxicity.
Ease is the next supplement we would like to address. It contains all the omega-3 fatty acids you and baby are really going to need. If a pregnant woman does not have enough key nutrients and minerals for herself and her baby’s development, her body will automatically sacrifice these nutrients & minerals and take them out of her bones/body in attempt to pass them onto the baby. The most common ones I see in my pregnant and breastfeeding moms to name a few are anemia, restless legs, hair loss, achy joints and even vaginal tearing from weakened tissue. The other thing to be aware of is that a woman with a leaky gut from candida over growth will have a hard time absorbing her minerals and vitamins. It is crucial that women heal their guts while taking whole food supplements so that not only their babies will grow healthy and strong, but also that women can feel their best as they are going through such a huge life-changing event. This is no time to be out of energy and having health issues of our own, especially when it could be so easily avoided by being proactive with better nutrition. Plexus Ease plays an amazing role here: it contains ETArol, which has so many important building blocks for baby’s development, including minerals and omega 3, 6, & 9. In addition it also has MSM, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and more, which all help build tissue, cartilage and bone (think baby’s skeleton). Ease contains KEY ingredients that both mother and baby will benefit from.
The next supplement is XFactor, a multi-vitamin with AMAZING bioavailability. Due to the patented aloe blend it contains, the absorption rate of these vitamins and minerals is about 300-400% more effective then other quality supplements on the market. In my midwifery practice I have moms take two servings of XFactor a day along with Ease for a complete prenatal with Omegas. If your protocol is the Triplex (Slim, Probio5, Biocleanse) plus Ease and XFactor, you have the most COMPLETE & SUPERIOR nutrition plan for both you and baby (Again it is important to discuss this with your health care provider).
Now, let’s cover a few more tips or questions we’ve been asked so far:
~”Do I need omega-3 supplements?” YES, it’s a great idea to be taking those, and the Ease is a GREAT choice here. It has an omega-3 fatty acid that is 100x more powerful then regular fish oil, plus it has the other building blocks for baby’s development that we discussed. Ease takes the place of your other omega-3 supplements.
~”Do I REALLY not need anything else, not even folic acid?” XFactor has you covered, in fact, did you know that folic acid is actually the “synthetic version” and that XFactor has folate, which is the real thing?
~”Is the BioCleanse OK for pregnancy & breastfeeding? I thought a cleanse should be avoided during these times.” Well, let’s define a “cleanse.” Having regular bowel movements each day is not an extra cleanse at all, that’s just your body functioning as it was designed to. Many people need to fully realize that 3 bowel movements a day is NORMAL.
Here’s some more reassurance as we take a look at the ingredients of the BioCleanse in regards to pregnancy/breastfeeding: higher oxygen levels are fantastic for baby, as are also higher magnesium levels. In addition to oxygen and magnesium, BioCleanse also contains baking soda (think cookies), bioflavanoids (from fruit) and vitamin C (very important for pregnancy, including for the strength of your amniotic sac/membranes). BioCleanse is going to help your body “detox” in the same gentle, safe way that extra fresh air outside would, or the same way an exercise program would. This is by means of extra oxygen getting to your cells. It is also designed for LONG-TERM daily use.
This is GREAT news for after your baby is born: there’s help for fussy, colicky babies too. Colic, cradle cap, thrush and often diaper rash are all just symptoms of fungus overgrowth in your little one. Most likely it’s yeast/fungus that you unknowingly passed onto them at birth. Well, the Probio5 has been absolutely AMAZING for some of our mothers & babies in this regard. We have many babies whose fussiness and colic has completely disappeared with the help of our Plexus probiotics, and I’m sure any mother reading this understands what a relief that can be. I (Sarah Jones) am a testament to that. My youngest had terrible colic, cradle cap, acne, and very rarely had BMs (about once every few days). I started him on probio5 and within a couple days he was having normal stools and a few weeks later his face cleared up and the colic went away and now all his cradle cap is completely gone. He sleeps amazingly well now too. Because the Probio5 capsules can be opened, you simply put the probiotic powder into the side of their mouth right before breastfeeding, or mix it into one dropper of breast milk or water. It’s a good idea to take Probio5 at bedtime, and with as little food/milk as possible, so that the special enzyme blend can go to work on breaking down candida/fungus cells instead of just digesting food/milk. It’s so simple to give to your babies, and it will make such a huge difference in their behavior, not to mention their immunity.
This covers a lot of the basic questions, and we hope this article helps a lot of mamas out. We admire you for taking time to research, and are excited for you as you experience your BEST pregnancy and breastfeeding experience so far!
**Talk to your sponsor or friend who introduced you to Plexus for suggestions on doses for each of these supplements.**
Written by Jennifer Loewen & Sarah Jones CPM, LM

Health and Wellness MLM Companies Comparison

If you have read my profile info, you know that I am a Plexus ambassador. Full disclosure: I will not be presenting a perfectly objective comparison of some of the main health and wellness MLM (multilevel marketing) companies. However, this post will not aim to promote Plexus over all the other options either. I am sure most companies have a lot to offer and have helped many people. I am simply writing today with the goal of learning about some of the other companies.

How I picked these particular MLM Health and Wellness Companies

I have been learning to use Instagram to promote my products and my opportunity and, in doing so, I have been meeting others who do the same. I have seen some brand names come up fairly often and I was curious about them. The companies I picked are simply the ones that have the most exposure on social media since I found them without really looking for them. I am not pretending to have researched each of these companies in great detail, but after hearing these names, I did look them up to understand better what each of them offered and what differentiated them.

What are these MLM Health and Wellness Companies?

This list is not in any special order, but here are the names other than Plexus that came up in my social media feed:

1- Herbalife: The company was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980. It offers a wide range of products from shakes, to tablets, to energy drinks. The products can easily be purchased on the Website, and it was not clear to me how one could join to get wholesale pricing from the Website.  Herbalife is a huge international company, with representatives in 95 countries.

2- Isagenix: According to Wikipedia, Isagenix International LLC is a direct sales company that markets dietary supplements and personal care products. The company, based in Gilbert, Arizona, was founded in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover. I found that Isagenix offers great support to help its distributors work on their business. It seems like an innovative young company.

3- DoTerra: DoTerra is mostly known for its essential oils, but it also sell supplements. Its distributors are very active on Instagram.

4- Juice Plus+: This company offers capsules that provide a blend of 30 fruits, vegetables and grains in the form of a powder. The product line also includes nutrition bars and drink mixes.

5- Team Beach Body: Team Beach Body is also well known on social media. Successful challengers can become a coach by joining and buying a starting pack. They get a 25% commission for every person who joins through their effort.

6- Shakelee: Acocording to Wikipedia, Shaklee Corporation is an American manufacturer and distributor of natural nutrition supplements, weight-management products, beauty products, and household products. The company is based in Pleasanton, California, with global operations in Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, China and Indonesia. The company’s Website is well designed and includes testimonies from distributors to explain the business potential.

7- Nutrilite: Nutrilite is a product from Amway. These products are promoted for their phytonutrient content. As the Website states, it is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms. It offers vitamins and supplements, weight management products as well as skin care products.

That was my brief overview of the main health and wellness MML companies out there.

How to join Plexus

I would like to explain a bit what it means to be a Plexus ambassador because, since you found this page, you might be trying to compare your options. At least, you will have an understanding of how Plexus work. It costs 35 USD yearly to join Plexus. That gives you your own business Website, access to tons of free training and wholesale pricing. You need to buy about $100 worth of products each month to be commission qualified. Anything above this first hundred dollar, whether it’s your own purchases or purchases from your customers will get you 15% commission. If you go over 500 P.V. (which would be a bit more than $500), you will earn 25% commission. You will also get paid for each new team member you get and you will get bonuses for attaining each new rank. Plexus has a very unique compensation plan that pays in 11 different ways. Here is a video from a person who compared many different MLM options and found that Plexus offered the best income earning potential. Getting people on board requires no inventory, no parties, no deliveries, no commitment and no monthly fee. You can rank above your sponsor and, each month, new ambassadors reach the top. It is not an organization that benefits only the higher rank, you can start making money right away and anyone can reach the top.  If you have any questions or would like to find out more, I would be happy to help. You can email at or message below.

Is Plexus Safe?

I have been finding that after hearing for the first time about Plexus, many people decide to consult Dr. Google about it. I have nothing against using Google to get information, I do it too! I think that most of the few Websites to Plexus lack real balance however. They give the impression of an unbiased review when, in fact, they are promoting an other product. When you read these reviews, keep in mind that most people are satisfied with Plexus (only 2% of people want their money back) and become ambassadors to get the wholesale price. These ambassadors are busy reaching out to people. They don’t have a Website to explain and promote their products. Since I do, I decided to use it to look at each of the claims made on the Internet about the safety of Plexus products.

The website Daily University Health News has a very helpful and balanced review of the Slim product. The main concern stated there is that Plexus chooses to not give info on its website about the quantities in its proprietary blend, the ingredient sources and quality control practices. Let me answer these concerns.

The Proprietary Blend and other ingredients 

What is in our plexus slim that makes it so effective at balancing the body?

Science of Slim

Plexus Slim was originally engineered by three doctors to help regulate blood glucose levels in diabetics. When it was originally being tested, it was noted that all subjects also lost weight. Plexus then decided to market it as a weight loss product.

Through people’s testimonies we’ve learned that not only does it help with weight loss, but a huge variety of other health issues.

It contains all natural plant extracts mixed with stevia for sweetness, pomegranate extract for flavor, and beet extract for color.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Proprietary Blend of ingredients:

1. Chlorgenic Acid – this is a natural compound found in a wide array of plants. It is an antioxidant which inhibits Glycogenolysis. (Glycogenolysis is a physiological process that takes place in the human body that involves the breakdown of Glycogen into glucose, also known as blood sugar). During Glycogenolysis the free glucose is releases into the bloodstream. Chlorogenic Acid helps inhibit total Glycogenolysis, allowing the body to get its energy from fat cells and reducing the blood sugar levels ~ mainly after meals.

2. Garcinia Cambogia – This is a fruit extract from some small pumpkin looking fruit found in India and Asia. The chemistry behind it is that it works partly by stopping the creation of an enzyme in the body called Citrate Lyase. Since this enzyme converts extra carbs to fat, stopping it also stops extra carbs from being converted into fat. It has also been shown to promote carb oxidation, which means the body burns extra carbohydrates. By burning the extra carbs, your blood sugar will also slightly lower.

3. Alpha-Lipoic Acid – This is an antioxidant naturally made by the body to help turn glucose into energy. In several studies, Alpha-Lipoic Acid appears to help lower blood sugar levels. Its ability to kill free radicals (chemical byproducts produced during the process of oxidation that converts nutrients to cellular energy. As they oxidize, these compounds can become highly reactive and harmful to the cell, distorting its vital components and reducing its metabolic efficiency) may help people with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (damage to nerves in the body that occurs due to high blood sugar levels from diabetes), or who have pain, burning, itching, tingling, and numbness in arms and legs from nerve damage. It’s been used for years to treat Peripheral Neuropathy in Germany.

Other Ingredients:
Polydextrose – a form of soluble fiber that has shown healthful prebiotic benefits
Citric Acid – a natural preservative/conservative that is also used to add an acidic or sour taste to foods and drinks
Natural Flavors – pomegranate extract
Beet (beta vulgaris root) Extract- for color
Stevia Extract – a sweetener/sugar substitute, stevia’s taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar

Plexus Slim is free of added Caffeine and other stimulants.

All ingredients are natural with no artificial coloring or flavouring.  No hidden MSGs either.

True, the individual values of each of these ingredients is not listed, but it’s the company’s way of ensuring others don’t copy its products. You can rest assure it’s within safe amounts since the total amount for the blend is 531 mcg. It means each ingredient is less than that.

Quality Assurance

We need to be careful about what we put in our bodies. Period. Chemicals, synthetic hormones, and artificial additives do not make our bodies happy,unfortunately. Here is Plexus official statement on quality control and processes:


Becoming a Hallmark of Quality.
We dedicate ourselves to changing lives and promoting health, wellness, and success. Our products are the foundation of these goals, which is why we are committed to the highest quality of standards.
Every Plexus product is a reflection of our core beliefs:

Be Trustworthy:
Plexus products are effective because we deliver on our claims. Our reputation is built on results and we take our claims very seriously. That’s why we verify every claim against published human studies to ensure that our products deliver the benefits that we promote.

Be Honest:
Plexus is committed to truth in labeling. Our label will accurately reflect our product so what you see will always be what you get. We regulate popular misleading terms on our packaging and promotional materials so that you will not be misled and are always free to make honest, informed decisions.

Be Reliable:
Plexus sets and maintains a high product standard. We not only set a high bar for quality, but we keep it there. Our products are checked for quality and then checked again. We want you to be just as confident as we are that you are getting the best product each and every time.

Be Responsible:
Plexus puts product safety above all else. We take great measures toward formulating the safest and most effective products. We don’t stop there, however, as we test every batch for purity and ensure that everything you receive is completely clean and safe.
These core beliefs exemplify our commitment to our customers and ambassadors. Our quality products are the measure of that commitment.

Ingredient Sourcing
Formulating the best products means starting with the best ingredients. Plexus’ supplier partnerships begin with careful scrutiny. We ask them to provide details of their processes, their sourcing, and their testing. Suppliers that stand up to our review submit a raw material sample so that we may validate their claims. We conduct stringent tests to guard against microbiological contaminants and heavy metals. Once it’s clear that a supplier shares our passion for quality they are considered as an ingredient source. Our qualification does not stop there however, as we continually validate and re-validate our ingredients.

Our Product Claims
Plexus’ product claims are a result of clinical research and substantiation. The formulation of our products is guided by scientific validation rather than popular nutritional fads. We vet our research so as to only rely on dependable human studies to back our claims. When public research is inconclusive, we conduct our own published human trials to validate our product claims. You can be confident that our products deliver based on reliable study rather than nutritional myth.

Product Stability
Regulations do not require dietary supplements to have expiration dates. Plexus, however, holds itself to higher standards of quality. We conduct validated studies to establish a dependable shelf life of our products. This ensures that our products fully meet our proven standards of potency and purity throughout its printed shelf life.

Our Manufacturing
Plexus engages in best-practices of manufacturing. We hold our manufacturers to standards that are upheld by renowned third-party auditing organizations such as NSF and USP. Our facilities use the latest technology in equipment and controls to provide a sterile and controlled environment our products’ manufacture. Every Plexus product is manufactured and packaged in separate and defined operation rooms that are controlled for temperature, humidity, and air pressure. This process, along with HEPA filtration systems, eliminates cross-contamination and preserves product purity.

Allergen Statement
Plexus pays very close attention to its product ingredients and is specifically aware of any potential presence of allergens. Labelling of the 8 major allergen groups is required by the FDA, and Plexus recognizes the crucial importance of accurate identification of potential allergens. Our ingredients are checked for allergens down to the most basic level of derivation. Any potential allergen is clearly identified on our label. Allergen controls in our manufacturing processes ensure that there is no risk of cross-contamination of allergens.”

I trust our products and I trust the company not only because of the results I have experienced myself, but because of other people’s lives being changed. The results simply speak for themselves. For more info, please read Complaints about Plexus  and Is Plexus as Scam?.

Healing Food Sensitivities

As we are learning more about inflammation, food sensitivities are becoming a trendy topic. People are realizing that their chronic health conditions are caused by inflammation and that their food sensitivities contribute to inflammation. Avoiding inflammatory foods, can help for sure. I experienced relief from many of my symptoms when I started avoiding the foods I had become sensitive to. The problem is that this approach is often not viable long term. Many find that they develop new sensitivities when they start avoiding foods. That also happened to me. But what other options are there?

What causes food sensitivities?

To understand why elimination doesn’t help long term, we need to understand how we develop food sensitivities in the first place. Have you ever heard of leaky gut? It’s the common term for intestinal permeability. It means that your intestinal walls have small holes in them that allow some food molecules  to go into your blood stream. Your immune system will then recognize them as an invader and cause you to react to them in the future.

How to Heal your Food Sensitivities?

Now that we understand how food sensitivities are caused, we can figure out how to heal them. Avoiding the foods permanently is not the solution like I mentioned, your body will only start reacting to other foods. The solution is to heal your leaky gut. Now, I already have a post on healing leaky gut here.

This post is about healing leaky gut specifically as it relates to food sensitivities:

1- Temporarily avoid the most common triggers. These include gluten, dairy, corn and soy. If you find that another food is causing you to get sick, of course you should avoid it for a while, but not without healing your gut. Which brings us to our second point.

2- Feed your gut flora, more on that here.

3- Don’t always eat the same foods, rotate your plate! Eating the same foods over and over increases your risk of sensitizing your body to them. For example, people who follow a Paleo diet sometimes find that they start reacting to nuts as they trade nut flour for regular flour in their baking.

4- Focus on nutrient dense foods. Healing requires feeding your body all the vitamins and minerals it needs. That is why I found that until I started supplementing with Plexus, I never saw any real healing taking place. I did juicing one or twice a day and I made sure I ate big salads every day. I avoided all process foods and sugar, but still, I was struggling with my symptoms. Did you know that one glass of Slim contains as much chromium as 9 cups of broccoli? Also, a great multivitamin would be really helpful.

5- Avoid processed foods and sugar. If you feed your body garbage, it will impede the healing process. It’s that simple.

6- Think positively. Stressing about food all the time could be counterproductive. Enjoy your food, be thankful for it. Also remember that after you do everything in your power to get better, you need to relax and let your body do the rest.

Healing your food sensitivities will take time. It takes most people years to get sick, so one shouldn’t expect to feel perfect after a week! Time and dedication are important. Hope is above all.

Natural Supplement for Pain Relief

Have you ever struggled with pain and wished you didn’t have to pop in over-the-counter pain medication the way you did? Before finding Plexus, I used to get debilitating headaches a few times a month and that’s exactly how I felt. Now, I rarely get headaches, but when I do, I can resort to a natural alternative to acetaminophen or ibuprofen. It is called Plexus Ease. What are the  ingredients that make Plexus Ease an effective pain reliever? How and when should you take the supplement? Let’s look at these questions.

How do these natural ingredients work?
Plexus Ease contains some powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients and turmeric is one of them. Turmeric is not only an anti-inflammatory, but it’s very good for your liver and has been shown to be very effective in fighting tumors.
The active agents in turmeric are fat soluble, meaning you need fat in the carrier to effectively absorb and reap the benefits.
Because you need fat to enhance turmeric, and for their own anti-inflammatory properties, the Plexus Ease capsules contains green lipped mussel. Green lipped mussel powder provides a form of Omega-3 (Eicosatetraenoic Acid) capable of inhibiting the metabolic pathways responsible for causing inflammation. This ingredient allows to reduce the levels of inflammatory prostaglandins and leukotrienes in the body. Prostaglandins and leukotriens are produced by the body when fighting a real or perceived stress and they are responsible for inflammation.

Beside the green lipped mussel, Plexus Ease contains the enzyme “serrapeptase”, known as the “Miracle Enzyme,” this anti-inflammatory agent, with more than 25 years of research in Europe and beyond, delivers significant relief without the usual side effects.

In his book, Robert Redfern says:

“As an anti-inflammatory, nothing surpasses the ability of Serrapeptase to safely stop inappropriate (sometimes it is needed) inflammation in its tracks. No matter the cause or the location (it even crosses the blood brain barrier), Serrapeptase gets to work stopping the inflammation. If that is not enough, it has the ability to dissolve any dead or non-living tissue that may be gumming up the works, particularly mucus and inflammation associated with pain.”

Lastly, Plexus Ease contains bromelain, another enzyme shown to possess substantial anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties for protection of the entire body. Bromelain comes from the pineapple fruit. It has been used to treat a wide variety of health issues from allergies to arthritis, asthma and cancer. It also helps to reduce swelling.

How and when should I take the supplements?

Some people take Plexus Ease as a prophylactic. One capsule a day to keep inflammation at bay. Some people take up to six capsules on any given day. It really depends on the severity of your symptoms and trying different doses until you are happy with the results. I like to take two capsules when I feel a headache coming. After researching this though, I decided to start taking a capsule a day. These anti-inflammatory ingredients are so amazing! I want the benefit not only when I have a headache!

Tylenol is extremely toxic to the liver, and Ibuprofen is very detrimental to gut bacteria. Using natural alternatives makes sense and Plexus Ease not only includes the best proven ingredients, but it is backed by many who have found relief using it.

Plant Based Omega Supplement

Omega fatty acids are necessary for brain and nervous system function as well as cardiovascular and digestive health. In proper balance, they decrease inflammation and regulate cholesterol levels. Fish is the best know source of fatty acids, but with mercury contamination and over fishing becoming concerns for many, alternative options of fatty acids supplementation are becoming more common. What are the omega fatty acids? How do you get them from food ? How do you pick the best plant based omega supplement?

What are the omega fatty acids?

Omegas are types of polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats are simply fat molecules that have more than one unsaturated carbon bond in the molecule, this is also called a double bond. Oils that contain polyunsaturated fats are typically liquid at room temperature but start to turn solid when chilled. Olive oil is an example of a type of oil that contains polyunsaturate fats. The omega-3s and omega-6s are termed the “essential” fatty acids because they cannot be produced by the body. The problem is, most people have omega-6 in excess . The imbalance between the two omegas is at the root of many health challenges (cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory bowel diseases  and more). The ratio should be about 1:1, but the average today ranges from 10:1 to 20:1. The more omega-6 you eat, the less omega-3 will be found in your tissues. They seem to be competing fatty acids. The excess omega-6 will cause inflammation and a myriad of chronic health disorders . Did you know that medication like ibuprofen works by decreasing your omega-6 levels? Less omega-6 means less inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that simply decreasing your consumption of omega 6 to a level of 4:1 decreased  mortality by 70%.

Some, however, argue that the issue is not so much the quantity of omega-6 as the quality. Most people get their omega-6 from toxic rancid oils. Still up for debate!

The other omegas are called “non essential” because they can be  produced by the body. Omega-5s from healthy sources are believed to have a positive effect on weight, cardiovascular health and blood sugar balance. Omega-7s have been shown to have a positive effect on healthy weight loss and bowel regularity. Due to the antioxidant and anti-aging properties, Omega-7s also play a role in nourishing healthy cells, especially in the digestive tract. Omega-9s are linked to healthy cardiovascular systems, healthy cholesterol levels, improved immune function and healthy blood sugar levels.

How to get your omegas from food?

Omega-3 comes in three forms: DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid) and ALA(alpha-linolenic acid). ALA has been somewhat neglected in favor of DHA and EPA. There is no question that DHA and EPA are vital for our heart, brain and immune system. However, ALA also has cardiovascular, cognitive and immune system benefits. ALA is found in nuts and seeds, grains, spirulina, green leafy vegetables and grass fed meat and dairy. DHA and EPA are found in fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel.

As you get your fatty acids from foods, remember to avoid vegetable oil which, among other issues, contain too much omega-6 and too little omega-3. Again, grains, avocados, leafy greens, nuts and seeds are good sources of omega-6.

As already mentioned, your body produces the omegas-5, 7 and 9, but it needs to have enough omega-3 and 6 to do so. The omegas 5, 7 and 9 are also found in nuts, seeds, salmon, olives, peaches and avocados.

How to pick the best plant based omega supplement?

There is one problem with plant based omega supplementation: ALA, the fatty acid present in plants, is not efficiently converted into DHA and EPA, the omega-3s so essential to health. However, some don’t find this alarming and do not believe that it represents a real problem for vegetarians. ALA have benefits of their own, like reducing coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes. According to others, vegans need to supplement with several capsules of microalgae (the most common source of ALA supplementation) to meet their DHA and EPA needs. And since we are talking about vegan options here, how much ALA should we take daily? There are no firm recommendations on the subject, but studies have used 600-1200 mg for treating diabetes. Standard supplement dosage range from 300 to 600 mg. ALA is not the only EPA and DHA precursor. SDA (stearidonic acid), found in the Ahi Flower and other plant sources, converts more readily. In fact, one capsule of Ahi Flower oil would be the equivalent to four capsules of flax seed oil.


Plexus MegaX contains 300 mg of omega-3; 200 mg from ALA and 100 mg from SDA both from the Ahi Flower. Most omega supplements have only omega-3 and 6; sometimes 9. Plexus Mega X has all the omegas, including 5 and 7. If you would like to know more please comment below or check out this page.

What is the Difference between Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate?

Whey protein powder is probably the most common protein supplement. The wide range of brands and types on the shelves can seem a bit overwhelming! Today, we will look at the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate.

First, what is whey protein? It is produced by separating the milk curds from the liquid during cheese making. Whey has been around for thousands of years, as long as cheese making. Whey protein includes all the essential am0ino acids. These essential amino acids have to be obtained from your diet, as your body cannot produce them. They are essential for tissue growth and repair. Many of the health benefits of whey have been recognized for a long time. Over the course of history, we find many examples of whey being used for medicinal purposes, starting with Hippocrates, who called it “serum”.

In its original state, whey is mostly water. Upon arriving at the processing plant, it is filtered to remove water and excess fat, carbohydrate and lactose. The remaining product is about 80% protein and is called whey protein concentrate. It contains a small amount of lactose.

Whey protein isolate is the whey protein concentrate that has been further filtered. It contains almost no lactose and more protein per gram. The filtration process also removes more vitamins and minerals. The resulting product is about 90% protein.

It might seem that the whey protein isolate would be a better choice, but it isn’t necessarily the case unless you are lactose intolerant. Whey protein concentrate might be a better choice if you want to maintain a healthy weight as it is digested a little slower than its isolate counterpart, so it will keep you feeling satisfied longer. It is also more affordable and it contains some health promoting compounds removed from the isolate.  On the other hand, if you are training and need an easy to absorb protein, the isolate would be your first choice or even the hydrolized whey protein, which has been broken down further into smaller chains of amino acids. Hydrolized whey protein is the fastest to digest.

Whey protein has been shown to increase your metabolism and improve your immune system. It is a good choice whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to stay fit. Plexus offers a high quality whey protein powder made from the whey protein isolate and the concentrate, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s great tasting too! No need to camouflage it in smoothies, it is delicious just in water!

Natural Remedies for Bloating

Most of us struggle with bloating at one time or an other. We wake up in the morning with a flat belly, only to find ourselves looking pregnant later in the day.
What does bloating says about your health? How can you reduce it naturally? In this post, we will answer these questions.

Causes of bloating

Bloating is usually a digestive problem although it can signify allergies, thyroid issues or hormonal imbalances. It usually boils down to your gut microbiome (again!). You might be lacking the enzymes to digest complex carbohydrates or having trouble digesting protein. You could be eating too much fatty foods, salty foods, sugary foods. Simply put, bloating involves excessive amounts of solids, liquids or gas in your digestive system.

How to reduce bloating naturally

1- Don’t eat so fast! Chewing slowly is important to aid digestion. In fact it is the first step to digest properly.

2- Supplement with probiotics and prebiotics. Feeding the good bacteria in your gut will help ensure that you don’t suffer from a gut microbiome imbalance.

3- Start the day with a fiber smoothie. You can add a teaspoon of fiber supplement to 1 1/2 water. Blend with 2 cups frozen pineapple, mango or papaya and a handful of spinach. Eating 10 grams of fiber at each meal will help ensure you are keeping your waste moving through your intestines. BioCleanse is also a great purifier and detoxifier. You will find it helps promote regularity.

4- Don’t eat too much. It might seem obvious that eating until feeling “stuffed” might be counter productive when it comes time to avoiding bloating.

5- Rule out food allergies and intolerances. Eating foods your body can’t tolerate will put stress on your system and will likely cause bloating. You can take a food sensitivity test, but eliminating all common food triggers (dairy, grains, corn, soy, eggs and legumes) for a month and reintroducing them slowly might be a more effective approach.

6- Try essential oils. Peppermint oil has been shown to work as an antispasmodic and to help with irritable bowel syndrome. You could also drink peppermint tea.

7- Eat ginger or make yourself some ginger tea. Two chemicals-gingerols and shgaols- relax the intestinal track and ease any inflammation, while the root in its entirety act as a carminative-that is it prevents the formation of excess gas, or helps expel it.

8- Try activated charcoal. When taken before or right after a meal, it can absorb gas-producing substances in the stomach. A study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that the supplement decreased the amount of gas produced in the colon and reduced bloating and stomach cramps.

Getting relief from bloating can be a trial and error process, but it is possible! Many have found great relief from using Plexus TriPlex, let me know if you would like to try it too.

Simple Ways to Improve your Health for Free

Eating healthier food, using less toxic products and taking quality supplements all cost money. They each constitute a worthwhile investment, but what if you want to improve your health for free?

1- Get a good night’s sleep

I know what some of you are thinking: “I have young children”, “I suffer from insomnia and I would love to get a good night’s sleep” or “I can’t control the quality of my sleep”. I have had seven babies over the last 15 years and seven pregnancies all causing me to lose sleep, I can relate!  Some things are beyond your control to get better sleep, but some things are not. Poor sleep can be caused by sugar imbalances, high stress level and toxins in the liver. To improve your sleep, try these simple tips: go to bed at the same time every night, sleep in a dark room, eliminate night lights and avoid looking at a screen before bed. I have always found reading a book to be the perfect way to relax before bed.

2- Consume less sugar

Save your money and stop buying juice, pop and processed foods. You should avoid sugar completely or consume less than 25 g (about two tablespoons) a day. The average Canadian consumed 110 g a day in 2004! Remember, if you don’t eat desserts or drink pop, it doesn’t mean you are not ingesting sugar. Read your labels, sugar is in almost all processed foods disguised under many names.

3- Eat Less

Fasting has been shown to decrease your inflammation markers. When your body is not busy digesting, it can focus its energy on repair. One simple way to do this is to avoid grazing and late night snacking.

4- Make sure you drink enough water

Keeping hydrated helps you flush toxins out.

5- Relax and count your blessings

Your mind impacts your body. It’s a fact that has been proven over and over again. Cultivating a spirit of gratitude and managing stress will help you feel better emotionally, but also physically.

6- Spend time outside

Vitamin D from the sun will boost your immune system, your energy level and your mood. Not only that, but just being in nature will decrease the oxidative stress on your body.

7- Exercise

Do I really need to add anything here?

I hope you will start implementing some of these steps as soon as possible. The most difficult one for me is to make sure I spend time outside during winter. Which one is the hardest for you to put into practice? Or which one do you do best?

Lessons from Go Pro by Eric Worre

The first lesson I learned from Go Pro was in the Introduction. Eric mentions that when he first started, he didn’t treat his business like a business. Instead, he treated it like a lottery ticket. When he failed, he blamed everyone around him. And that is what most people in multilevel marketing do, he says. They come in with unreasonable expectations, hoping to get lucky, and not comprehending that it takes time and effort to succeed. Not only that, but it is necessary to learn new skills. Learning multilevel marketing skills is what the book is about.

Skill#1: Finding Prospects

What is one supposed to do after having talked to everyone he or she knows? That is where the skill of finding prospects comes in. Most of us meet new people almost every day at the grocery store, the restaurant, the mall, everywhere we go. Professionals know how to engage people. One might say that establishing contacts with ulterior motives is wrong, but it’s not. If we believe in our product and our opportunity, it is normal to want to share them with others because we know they could benefit them just as much they benefited us.

Skill#2: Inviting People to Understand our Product/Opportunity 

Professionnals understand that the first step is to educate people. In the context of Plexus, this could mean giving out information about the products or inviting friends to an online event.

Skill#3: Presenting People with our Product/Opportunity 

Professionals don’t present themselves as the experts, instead they rely on third-party resources. They also bring passion and enthusiasm to the whole process and they use their personal testimony to help people understand the real  life implications of the product/opportunity.

Skill#4: Following up with your Prospects

Following up means keeping in touch and establishing a relationship. It doesn’t have to be about the product (my advice here, not Eric’s). In the book, he talks about each contact setting the stage for the follow up because professionals tell their prospects when they will be in touch to check on them (after they viewed a video or listened to a presentation for example).

Skill #5: Helping your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors

This skill is the natural byproduct of following up professionally. Professionals keep in mind that the process is about educating people not getting them to sign up.

Step#6: Helping your Prospects Getting Started Right

Professionals understand that it’s all about duplication.

Skill#7: Promoting Events

Professionals help their team understand the importance of personal development and they use events to help their prospects progress in their journey.

Go Pro helped me understand what it takes to run my business successfully. It explains how to become a professional by developing these skills. It has become a classic in the multilevel marketing world and I can certainly see why.